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The Growth Playbooks

By Digital Intent

We’re sharing the best tactics we use everyday to help startups and well-established companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Intro to Growth

An introduction to what differentiates a growth team from a marketing team and how we execute across the entire product lifecycle.

Competitive Analysis

Model and hypothesize how your product grows as quickly and cost-effectively as possible by studying competitors and demand via third-party tools.


All the elements and tactics required to improve search rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness for your webpage via search engines.

Paid Promotion

A deep dive into some of the advertising platforms that we’ve found most effective for clients when it comes to assessing both platform scalability and unit economics.

Inbound Marketing

A holistic approach to generating and nurturing leads organically, plus our cheat sheets for distributing high-quality content to reach your audience.

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Growth is Optional.

There is no silver bullet to growth. It’s about testing lots of things. Here’s how we’ve gotten to more of the “right” things.

  • Test rapidly. We’ve run hundreds of experiments with organizations of all sizes to bring new products to market and grow existing ones.
  • Process > Tactics. Get an inside glimpse of our growth process and why tactics alone are not enough for growth.
  • Use the Pareto Principle. We devote 80% of our time to doubling down on the channels that work, and the other 20% on testing new hypotheses.

What’s included in our playbooks:

  • 100+ pages of strategies and tactics, plus links to our favorite resources on growth and digital marketing.
  • The frameworks we execute against daily. Some are our own and others we’ve borrowed from people we admire.
  • All the spreadsheets, formulas, and charts we use to complete growth experiments.
  • More than tactics. Tactics are great, but our playbooks provide deep insights and context for how our team executes.

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