Digital Product Development

A new product isn’t just competing with other products like it. It’s competing with literally every other demand on a potential user’s time. Effective product development is about creating a product people are willing to fold into their lives.

DI’s digital product development team has built products used by millions of people. In the process, they’ve learned successful products have several things going for them:

They solve a legitimate customer need.

While it’s possible to brainstorm your way to a successful product, the success rate is abysmal. This is because it skips an essential first step – a deep understanding of the user.

Products that work solve a customer need, in a way that is truly differentiated. This requires knowing what needs the customer has, the degree to which those needs need to be solved, and how they go about trying to solve those problems today.

DI advocates for a user-centered product development process that starts with gathering the necessary insights to uncover those needs. Through a combination of customer development interviews, Jobs To Be Done, and other design thinking methodologies, DI can identify the key frustrations of potential customers and what it would take to solve them.

They Recognize The Importance of Behavior Change.

Even if you can solve a problem for customers, it can be difficult to help them change their behavior. Inertia and ingrained habits are extremely hard to change, and the bigger the change required the more difficult it is.

DI’s product development team has spent years discovering how behavior change works. They leverage that expertise to design experiences that help users overcome hurdles to inertia. By creating sufficient motivation, obsessing over reducing friction, and developing effective methods for forming habits and creating lock-in, DI builds products people actually want to use.

They Understand the Product is the Marketing.

Marketing isn’t simply about getting people to find out about what you do. It’s about making it compelling enough to take action, simple enough to get started, effective at delivering on the core experience that overcomes the key frustration quickly, building a habit that keeps them coming back, and creating so much value they can’t help tell their friends and colleagues.

DI’s product strategy approach combines the disciplines of product and marketing, leveraging a systematic growth process to increase product activation, drive retention, reduce churn, jump-start referral, and maximize customer lifetime value.

Digital Product Development Strategy That Works.

DI’s approach to product development can maximize your team’s chance of success. To learn more about how DI can help you build user-centered, compelling products that market themselves, schedule a call with one of our product strategy consultants.

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