Innovation is in our DNA.

As serial entrepreneurs, we have decades of experience identifying, validating, and executing opportunities to create rapid value.

As venture capitalists, we maintain a keen focus on risk assessment, portfolio optimization, and asset value maximization.

As makers, we realize vision through our strategy, design, engineering and growth disciplines.

We bring together these capabilities as digital innovation consultants with a proven set of tools, frameworks, and expertise designed to maximize results.

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DI's Focus

Digital Product Development

Today every company is a technology company. Digital Intent’s deep experience designing and building user-focused software can help you architect experiences that make your customers and team members swoon.

  • Customer Development Conduct qualitative customer development research to identify opportunities.
  • User Experience Design Create delightful, user-centered products for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Software Engineering Web & cloud applications, native and cross-platform mobility (iOS, Android, React Native, etc.), backend and API programming.
  • Digital Marketing Leverage a systematic growth process to rapidly test strategies to get traction.

Case Study

Chicago Bulls Elevating the fan experience

DI redesigns their website to more effectively target their 4 key customer archetypes.

Venture Consulting

With over 15 years of VC experience and as GPs in a $40M fund ourselves, DI’s Venture Team partners with clients to identify, validate, and direct venture value creation activities.

  • Portfolio of Innovation Train your team on how to adopt a portfolio approach to innovation, and how to allocate assets for maximum effectiveness.
  • Financial Modeling Arm leaders with tools and models to better predict and measure financial and operational outcomes.
  • Due Diligence Identify potential startup partnerships or acquisition candidates, and conduct the necessary diligence to evaluate their potential.

Case Study

CME Group Commercializing internal tools.

DI conducted a robust diligence exercise to validate market viability for an internally-developed platform.

Cloud Services & Digital Transformation

There are tremendous opportunities for incremental innovation hiding inside of the large platforms you’re already paying for. As official partners with SAP, AWS, and Google, Digital Intent’s team can help you finally realize the incredible promise of these implementations.

  • Repeatable Custom Solutions and Rapid Application Development Rapidly build and deploy solutions on top of SAP/HANA, AWS, and Google cloud.
  • Cloud Migration & Managed Cloud Facilitate the cloud migration process, and implement managed cloud or cloud enablement solutions.
  • Cloud Application Development Develop web, cloud-native, and serverless applications for increased agility and easy scaling.

Case Study

Kindred Healthcare Transforming Post-Acute Rehab

DI helped Kindred design and build a patient and family engagement platform.

Emerging Technology

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology and connected devices will transform the world in the coming years. DI’s team is constantly looking at what’s next, testing solutions, investing in emerging technology through our fund and making pragmatic recommendations to clients on how to leverage what’s next.

  • Blockchain Develop custom blockchain solutions extending the power of distributed ledger technology.
  • Machine Learning Use AI, computer vision, predictive analytics, and other tools to automate processes and extract meaning from your data.
  • IoT Harness the power of sensors to capture new data, gain insights, improve customer experience , and increase operational efficiency.
  • Voice UI / Connected Devices Implement dialogue systems, chatbots, voice applications on the Alexa or Google home platforms and more.

It's Easy To Get Started

No matter where you are in your transformation journey, we can help. The following engagements are designed to help you make rapid progress and show some quick wins inside your organization.

  • Host or Attend a Workshop Learn how DI approaches building innovation teams, designing products, getting traction, and unlocking value. Typical timeframe: 1 day
  • Customer Development Sprint Get detailed stakeholder insights to make informed, user-centered decisions. Typical timeframe: 4 weeks
  • Run a Smoke Test Rapidly value propositions, benefit statements, beachhead customer hypotheses, pricing and more. Typical timeframe: 3 weeks
  • Prototype Development Create a clickable prototype for use in customer development and internal stakeholder validation. Typical timeframe: 4 weeks
  • MVP development Design and build the core experience of your product. Typical timeframe: 12 weeks
  • Growth Sprint Kick-start growth by rapidly testing channels and acquisition strategies. Typical timeframe: 6 weeks
Let's build something great together.