Digital Intent’s Innovation Framework

The four-stage innovation framework DI uses to quickly navigate complex problem spaces and arrive at novel solutions.

Joe Dwyer

Joe Dwyer Read - 9 min

Innovation in Financial Services: Literally Everything You Need to Know in 2018

Learn how fintech is allowing financial services organizations to adapt while juggling compliance and security concerns, and discover how companies are leveraging emerging technology like blockchain and machine learning.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 23 min Listen - 54 min

What is innovation: why almost everyone defines it wrong

A useful definition of innovation is easily understood, is simple, and clearly tells you whether something is innovative or not. Here’s how DI defines it.

Joe Dwyer

Joe Dwyer Read - 4 min

How Amazon Builds Remarkable Products

Amazon has developed a unique culture that allows them to execute across a variety of industries. Learn why Amazon’s culture of writing is the key to its success, and why Amazon believes the phrase “Minimum Viable Product” should be outlawed.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 9 min Listen - 35 min

Technology trends in the hotel industry

The hotel industry is full of opportunities to leverage innovative new technologies. Learn about the unique operating structure of hotels and the challenges that presents to innovation.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 11 min Listen - 32 min

Growth models: the missing piece in your product strategy

Why a detailed growth model can be the key to rapid product improvement and product team alignment, and how to create one.

Noah Manion

Noah Manion Read - 7 min

Using data science to transform the social sector

A conversation with Andrew Means, founder of the Data for Good conference and cofounder of Impact Lab.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 18 min Listen - 36 min

The Promise of Progressive Web Applications

Why Progressive Web Apps might be the next big movement in enterprise application development.

The DI Team

The DI Team Read - 3 min

Building Voice Interfaces People Actually Want to Use

15 ways to maximize your chances of success with the emerging voice-based platforms.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 5 min

Everything you ever wanted to know about Gamification

How to intentionally leverage game mechanics to motivate users to achieve their goals.

The DI Team

The DI Team Read - 20 min

The Politics of Innovation

21 ways to break logjams, sell your ideas and make innovation happen inside your organization.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 9 min Listen - 34 min

How to Create the Ideal Design Thinking Process

5 steps to bring design thinking methods into your organization.

The DI Team

The DI Team Read - 8 min

11 Laws of Product Development

There are dozens of ways of building a product or a particular feature. Not all of them are created equal. How to build and iterate your way toward a product people love to use.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 8 min Listen - 33 min

How to implement a Bimodal IT strategy

How to stand up a Bimodal IT strategy to serve the core business and develop innovative solutions at the same time.

The DI Team

The DI Team Read - 5 min

3 Ways to Maximize Your Digital Innovation Efforts

How to overcome internal inertia and start shipping.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 6 min

DI Slack Chat – When Should Your App Collect Emails?

A discussion on whether it’s appropriate to collect email addresses during registration, and if so when it should be done.

The DI Team

The DI Team Read - 9 min

The Key to Growth = Process

There are dozens of strategies and tactics one can employ to grow. But the key to success in growth is process, not tactics.

Meredith Overmyer

Meredith Overmyer Read - 4 min

Chatbots, Conversational Interfaces, and the Rise of Messaging platforms

Why bots are taking the world by storm, why your company probably should have one, and how to do it right.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 16 min

How to Create the Perfect Innovation Portfolio

Leveraging the Three Horizons of Innovation to properly allocate innovation resources.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 4 min

The Danger of Cheap Acquisition

Some founders think the ability to acquire users inexpensively can make up for lackluster retention. Why this is a huge trap to avoid.

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson Read - 3 min

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