Kindred Healthcare partnered with DI to transform the post-acute rehab patient experience. To connect patients, their loved ones, and Kindred staff in a common language throughout the rehabilitation process, to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

In an 8 month period, DI designed and built a 6 application platform, including cross-platform apps for patients, families, and the care teams responsible for patient care. The apps capture and report data on patient progress, allowing families to stay updated and encourage patients.

  • Care Teams Track Patient Progress Seamlessly tracking gains in functional independence during a patient’s stay.

  • Families and VIPs Encourage Patients Families have much more visibility into patient progress, and cheer them on to encourage and provide accountability.

  • Administrators Monitor Patient Satisfaction Facilities have visibility into patient and family satisfaction, and can intervene in real time.

Post launch, DI has been working with Kindred to continuously iterate on the product. By talking with patients, families, administrators, and care staff across the country, DI has been able to help Kindred continuously improve the rollout process at new facilities and ensure rapid stakeholder adoption.

Facilities with the platform report higher patient and family satisfaction, and admissions to Kindred facilities using RT are far outpacing the national average.

“Digital Intent has really helped push us to new levels in challenging us to do things differently and achieve faster and more effective results. DI has been an excellent partner to work with, they have helped us focus on areas and opportunities that we had not thought of.”

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